Categories and Description

H.J. Hides and Skins offers all types of cattle hides:

Calf Grain fed Ox
Ox/Heifer Bull
Steer S/R
Dairy Cow NSW

Hide selection:
The selection ranges from 90/10, 80/20, sound/cuts (firsts/seconds). This means there will be a maximum of 10%, 20% of cuts/seconds respectively.

The hides have no holes in the prime area and up to three holes in the offal.

Hides with up to three holes in the prime area and up to three or more holes in the offal.

All hides are trimmed to remove faces, ears, and lips. Tails are shortened or tail root trimmed. Necks can be ‘U’ shaped, or straight cut as is found with Halal slaughtered cattle.

All hides are cured in salt drums utilizing the best available technology and research along with the best preservatives/bactericides chemicals.